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.Theme of paper

  1. Education and educational psychology

  2. Education policy and its impact on education

  3. Educational psychology and teacher-student psychology

  4. Teaching quality and methods of improvement

  5. Global education and its challenges and opportunities

  6. Online teaching / e-learning

  7. Teaching software and multimedia education

  8. Normal education

  9. Distance education and education quality

  10. Educational research methodology

  11. Preschool education, Primary education and Secondary education

  12. Higher education

  13. Adult and continuing education

  14. Special education

  15. Vocational education

  16. Education law, school regulations and Student protection

  17. Business education and Educational foundation

  18. Education Economy

  19. Language education

  20. Audiology and acoustics in educational environment

  21. Educational history

  22. New learning and methodology of learning

  23. Multiple virtual environment,   application of educational technology

  24. Education reform and practical teaching reform

  25. Changes and challanges of engineering education

  26. Interactions between enterprise and education

  27. Other Related Topics

Important dates
Submission Deadline:Aug. 09, 2019
Notification Date:3-5 day after submission
Registration Deadline:Sept.22, 2019
Conference Date:Oct.01-03, 2019
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